About Us- Distance Edcuation guru

Distance Education Help is an empowering organisation with a core interest of emphasis on providing consultation to the wandering students. “Guru” is a word in Hinduism to which core meaning is a spiritual guide who imparts knowledge. That is what we have set-up our mind for. We want every aspiration should have time to heed their psyche and act likewise.

With an honest outlook that no student should sacrifice their yearning for higher education, Distance Education Help has commenced its operations. We are a team of enthusiastic and vigilant people, and our utmost priority is making the education sector personal-interest free. We welcome all the students whole-heartedly who are in need of assistance those who are in the compulsion of sacrificing their higher education due to any reason.

Our vision is upright straight as we want to create a favourable environment for every student of the country and give them moral as well as financial support. We are wholly devoted to the education sector, imparting students with a right set of knowledge and up-lighting them for their future. Distance Education Help is a website where you can find any information pertaining to distance education.